The games up for votes on Steam Greenlight March 17 to 19 edition

The latest greatest list of games sitting in my Steam greenlight voting queue. Again this list is only meant to give a quick overview and perhaps a touch of my opinion on the games. I don’t dive in-depth because many of these games don’t have very detailed greenlight pages. Also it would take forever. Plus this post would go on forever, and most people aren’t interested in reading long and drawn out posts. With that on to the games.


Choice Chamber: This is a take on a sort of Twitch plays… It’s a platforming game where you play, but people watching vote on certain things, like weapons. A great concept, I do however worry for those that might not have large streams of people able to vote and get large numbers necessary.

Dream Car Racing: Ever wanted to build a crazy contraption of a car? Well now there’s Dream Car Racing and endless runner style game where you build the vehicle however you like and then drive as well as you can.

Spaceboy: An action adventure platforming game with a very minimalist look. The trailer is certainly very beautiful and the game is supposed to be heavy on the gameplay elements with a silent protagonist. Well worth a look.

Solar Crusades: A top down 4x strategy game. The key to this strategy game however is that its a persistent world that is multiplayer driven. A seemingly interesting game for fiends in need of a complex strategy driven game.

Astrokill: Space shooter. A space game where you’re dog-fighting it out in the quiet of space. Expect many explosions and tight action. It looks fairly pretty as well for how dark it is.

ASDAD: All-Stars Dungeon and Diamonds:Competitive action arcade style that’s all about the diamonds. Two players face off in a race through the levels to be the one to collect the most of the precious gems. Dual it out with friends. Personally it looks simplistic but fun to me.

DarkMark: Oh the horror. DarkMark is a horror game where you explore randomly generated levels and upgrade your character to be able to survive. The last half of the trailer shows off the gameplay, which doesn’t look great but not bad either.

CoreGrounds: Tower defense, only its player vs player in this free to play game. The developers liken it to tower defense meets a MOBA style game. Which is a bit silly because MOBA’s already are tower defense games just more concentrated on the heroes. All that said, it looks interesting and refreshing.

Seeders: The First Encounter: Puzzle platforming game that’s meant to be relaxing. You play as a skateboarding character as you work your way through the level and puzzles. It will have some co-op action with separate levels from the single player.

Ferrum’s Secret: Where is Grandpa?: Unlike many traditional point and click adventure games, Ferrum’s Secret branches away and uses the hidden object pictures instead. It’s more of a relaxing take your time game as you workout how to find granpa. Note: I don’t know if it was just me, but there doesn’t appear to be any sound on the trailer.

Ninjage: A platform adventure game. It looks a bit rough and there isn’t much of a decription on the greenlight page. It’s about an incoming alien invasion which your character must put a stop to.

Awakening of Heroes: An action game that blends a lot of elements into one game. Including: Team fights, strategy, town development and pre-game unions. It’s a game where you take an ordinary character and make them extraordinary. It will be free to play. An interesting looking game worth keeping an eye on.

Doom and Destiny Advanced: A journey of nerds through a fantasy world. This particular game is an RPG where you control nerds as they traverse a world in danger. The game is also the sequel, the prequel, and the reboot of first Doom and Destiny. I have a feeling they’re joking about some of that, but you never know. Perhaps its all true.

16 Bit Trader: A merchant trading game, because its the only way to get revenge on your father’s murder. Well not the only way, but the way the game choose. It’s a game all about buying and selling goods, with a nice art style to go with it.

Questria: Rise of the Robot Skullfaces: Adventure dungeon crawling co-op game. Need more be said? Okay its a top down hack and slash where you unlock spells with the completion of dungeons. And who doesn’t love a nice powerful spell?

Blazefall Binalblades: The B is strong in the title. A single player adventure game in which you navigate night and day as two halves of a whole. Two complimentary sides that aren’t complete without one another. A side scrolling slasher, though the trailer doesn’t show it until the one minute and three second mark.

Chiptune Champion: A melody rhythm game based around chiptunes. It’s like other rhythm games such as RockBand and Audiosurf, but with Chiptunes.

Cricket Coach 2014: The 2014 isn’t wrong and this game is about the complex game of cricket. The developer says its the most detailed cricket simulation around. Obviously a game aimed for an audience who loves cricket and has a deep understanding of the game. People love their cricket.

UnRox3D: Pretty simple and straight forward; it’s a game about avoiding asteroids in space. You’ll be flying through 3d space though so it might not be as simple at first glance.

Boss 101: Shoot’um up. Interestingly though, you can create your own bosses to fight against. But yeah, I always feel bad for not having anything to say about bullet hell games. There fun and rage inducing. After that I got nothing. So, trailer…

Ghostscape 3D: A game set in a haunted house from which the protagonist must escape. It’s heavy on the puzzle elements and seems to be a more slow methodical horror game with point and click adventure elements to it.

Ragdoll Runner: Control a characters legs and arms as you sprint or try to as the qwop controls cause you to trip and fall more times than the succeed. These types of games aren’t bad, but rather feel one dimensional to me. To the games credit it isn’t just sprinting involved in this game, as hurdles, the long jump, and triple jump are included.

Divide by Zero: Well its a role playing game about using numbers to defeat invading numbers. It’s a mathematical invasion, and if you’re like me, math no good.

Bubble Quest: Go on an adventure to save one blob named bubble’s world from destruction as you play that bubble. It’s a pretty simple game, run away and don’t get caught by the invading demons.

Mystic Tales: Legend of Janovi Gem: This crazy concept of a game, combines chess with trading card games battle system. Think of games like Magic the Gathering. There is also the story elements about a magical gem. The game seems interesting and is currently on kickstarter, though they plan for it to be free to play.

PolyRace: Futuristic racing game in which you race. Hovercraft racing with a daily randomly generated map sounds fun. Though I have hopes that there is more than that to the game.

Burn Pixel Wood: Burn it all to the ground! Free to play platforming game in which you play a character who has a flamethrower and must use it to conquer the enemies and the levels. Simple hot fun one hopes.

Bounce: A puzzle game in which you guide bouncing balls from the starting point to an ending point. Not my type of game.

SkyWor: A classic looking arcade space shooter. It has a very retro look to it all. It has a mix of dog-fighting in space with the classic 80’s arcade looks.

Data Thief: A simplistic top down view of a game that looks like it has blocks that are floating around. It isn’t the prettiest game but nails that old school look. I don’t know if that’s what the developers are going for.

The Runes: An action adventure game inspired by the television show “Adventure Time”, the game centers around real adventures. It also features an open world filled with magic to explore.

Shift Orb: A marble puzzle game, where you work a ball or marble through tough puzzles.

Escape Machines: In the future there will be many things to shoot as AI and robots fight their creators. It doesn’t look as nice as one would hope, but perhaps the gameplay makes up for it.

Hyper Syntax: A splitscreen Multiplayer game in which you pilot spaceships but don’t touch anything including the light trails you leave behind because it will destroy your ship. Seems like a fun racing game.

The Galaxy Keepers: In a galaxy far away with thousands of planets and lifeforms a darkness is creeping over and controlling planets. Its a strategy game with a sort of top down view, not the greatest trailer, but interesting.

Call of Tomsk-7: A survival action game. Definitely not a pretty game by any means.

Zombie Ablobalypse: Zombie blobs of sorts in a top down shooter of sorts. Not pretty and the retro styling will turn off more then a few who watch the trailer.

And that is the list of games that were in my steam greenlight queue to be voted on. A mixed bag of variety seems to be Steam Greenlight’s calling card.

I did not list two games. One was a blank file that said deleted, the other did not have a trailer which makes it hard to post here.


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