Gauntlet delayed to September 23

The Gauntlet reboot which was due out by the end of August 2014 has been pushed back to September 23 2014. This will allow developers Arrowhead time to fine tune the game and make the multiplayer that much more robust. Warner Brothers the publisher of the reboot have released a video walk-through of the the characters and what can be expected of the game.

Gauntlet is coming only to PC for now. Arrowhead and WB have yet to announce plans for a console version. I’d expect if the reboot sells well enough, they will consider a console port.

If you pre-order the game on Steam you get a digital copy of DC Comics Gauntlet: Darkness Calls. The comic details the origin story of Gauntlets evil master. There will also be the items Demon Slayer Weapon and the Reaper Visage Helm. You can currently pre-order the game for $19.99.

News Source (CVG)


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