Amazon buying Twitch streaming service?

A report from the Wall Street Journal has stated that Amazon will be buying This service allows people to stream games to an audience to watch and talk about games. It is a very successful venture that attracts 45 million viewers a month.

The deal from an anonymous source, who is briefed on the situation, has said Twitch will be sold for one billion dollars. This coming after sales talks between Google and Twitch have slowed down. was founded in 2011 after splitting off from, a move likely because gaming was taking up a big section of the sites bandwidth. was created in 2007 as a way for founder Justin to keep in touch with his family and to be able to show off his work. The site continued to grow and added more sections. Stuff like gaming, movies, and life casting. After the split of, continued operations until it closed on August 5 2014.

Of course none of this has been verified so for now, feel free to not believe it. I find it hard to believe that Amazon would buy a streaming company for a billion dollars. However, you never can know what will happen.

(Edit): Amazon has bought Twitch for 970 million according to Kotaku. (Source)

News Source (CVG)


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