Invisible Inc. Klei’s new game, is heading to Steam Early Access

Klei Entertainment is best known for games like Mark of the Ninja, Shank, Shank 2, and it survival game Don’t Starve. On August 19th, 2014 Klei will put its newest game, Invisible Inc. on Steam Early Access, revving up for the launch of the game.

Invisible Inc. is a turn based stealth game for PC. The object is to sneak around levels without alerting the guards. Your character needs to steal information and money from corporations to make themselves stronger. The higher you go in a level the more difficult it will be to get what you need.

While on the Steam Early Access the game will be $16. When the game is finalized and ready to launch it will $20. The game is also supposed to be available on Klei’s website. However, the Humble Bundle widget that lets people purchase the alpha of the game is not showing up.

New Source (Destructoid)


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