X-Com the board game is being made

Final Flight Games is taking another hit video game franchise and turning it into a board game. This time X-Com the turn based strategy game is getting the treatment. It is still early in deveopment so not much is known. Interestingly though, it will require a free phone application to be able to play the game.

X-Com board game map from Destructoid

X-Com which was revitalized in 2012 by Firaxis and made into quite the hit game. It balanced top level action of building a base to fight aliens, with the combat sections. The combat

The board game looks like it concentrates more on a world level, instead of the individual combat map sections. Players will still have to build up squads, but won’t have control over them like in the video game. That might be for the best, as you don’t really want a board game to stretch out for hours and hours on end.

News Source (Destructoid)


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