Homefront moves from Crytek UK to Deep Silver

The next iteration of the Homefront series, Homefront the Revolution, was due to be made by Crytek UK. Due to several people leaving the studio and many believe financial troubles, Crytek has sold the intellectual property to publisher/developer Deep Silver. The game will be completed by newly founded Nottingham, UK based Deep Silver Dambuster.

The series has a troubled past. The first game was made Kaos Studios and published by THQ in 2011. But THQ was doing poorly financially and shut down, which led to the sale of the IP’s they owned. Homefront was sold to Crytek, who began work on the sequel Homefront the Revolution. Now the game has moved on to Deep Silver. Crytek appears to be struggling, but it isn’t known to what extent.

It should also be noted, to avoid confusion, that the movie Homefront has nothing to do with the game.

News Source (Joystiq)


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