Fatal Frame 5 Trailer shows off it’s haunting side

Fatal Frame is a Japanese horror video game. What more needs to said to sell you on it?

For those that don’t know, the Fatal Frame franchise is about exploring locations that are haunted. The only way to defeat the ghosts is by taking a picture of them as you deal with dark Shinto rituals.

The latest game in the franchise Fatal Frame 5 will also deal with the main character having a fear of getting wet as she explores a shrine. Of course that means there will a lot of water to deal with.

Fatal Frame 5 is exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U and will use the Wii U’s gamepad and probably the built in camera. The game is coming out in Japan on September 27 2014. Temco Keoi the developers have yet to announce whether they plan to bring the game to the U.S. or Europe.

News Source (Computer and video games)


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