Grim Fandango Remake Coming to PC

At E3 this past June, Sony announced that they were working with Disney and Double Fine Productions to create a remake of Grim Fandango. A classic point and click adventure game. One that some say helped to bring an end to the era of popular point and click graphic adventures, at least in the United States. Germany never stopped making them.

Yet, despite all of that Grim Fandango is making a comeback. How? Lucasarts the original development house and publisher had been in discussion with Tim Schafer to remake the game. He was the project lead of Grim and founder of Double Fine Productions. But, those talks were put on hold when Disney bought Lucasarts in October 2012.

Sony comes into the discussion after the sale was completed. They have interest in bringing back old games they think will fit with their shiny new console the PS4, as well as the PS Vita. One thing leads to another and Sony, Disney, and Double Fine work out a deal to bring the game back.

Double Fine also said shortly after the E3 announcement that they were working on other platforms. Today, they announced that the game would be coming out on PC’s: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

A release date hasn’t been set yet. Double Fine hasn’t said if the PS4 and Vita versions are coming out first, or if it’s a simultaneous release.

News Source (Joystiq)

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