EA Games E3 2014 Press Conference Madness

EA Games did it’s thing, namely, it’s E3 2014 press conference June 9 at 12 PM PST. EA for all the hate it gets still has tons of games to show off. The curiosity is, what new games will they be showing off?

EA opened up the conference with Star Wars Battlefront. A game that looks gorgeous and amazing. It will be coming in the spring of 2015.

Dragon Age Inquisition gets live music played during the trailer. Showing off a lot of the environments that the game will inhabit. A demo shows off a fight against a dragon. The game will be out on October 7 2014.

Bioware will continue growing the Mass Effect series. The Bioware team in Edmonton though is working on a new game. Though they don’t say what the new game is.

The Sims 4 of course is very much about controlling. This time you get more control of their heart and emotions. It will be coming out on September 2 2014.

EA Sports UFC shows off some action between Bruce Lee and B.J. Penn. Of course Bruce Lee wins because he’s Bruce Lee.

NHL 15 gets into the action, and now each of the twelve players on the ice has physics acting on how the player reacts.

Criterion is making a game about all sorts of vehicles from ATV’s to boats to parachutes. It’s still very early in development but it will be the biggest game they’ve made. All of this will be occurring in first person.

EA Sports will be using the Frostbyte engine from the battlefield series. Especially their golf game which will have fantasy course with battleship crashing through it.

Madden is changing the way defense has changed. With more control than ever before, hopefully make defense more fun to play for once.

EA’s MOBA Dawngate will be about the customization of how the players play the game.

Mirror’s Edge will try and bring the parkour feel to life in the reboot of the franchise.

Soccer a sport loved around the world. Of course FIFA will be there to fill peoples need to play the sport in a virtual world. The question on everyone’s mind though, is have they finally fixed the online portion?

Battlefield Hardline is a first person shooter that puts you on the front line between cops and criminals. It looks very much like a typical hectic battlefield game, with bullets and everything flying everywhere. There is a beta that’s available right now. But it is limited to first come first serve.

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