Nintendo goes with a digital show for E3 again.

Last year for the E3 gaming expo Nintendo decided to do things a bit differently from having a normal live stage show to announce the latest and greatest games. They created a digital prerecorded show to replace it.

This year Nintendo will continue to provide digital already made videos as well as live streams of their booth on the floor. The “Nintendo Digital Event” as they’re calling it will be released on June 10 2014 at 9am Pacific Standard time. For those that just want to see games in action, you can tune in during E3 hours to watch Nintendo live stream demos of games and their booth.

Nintendo is also teaming up with Bestbuy for Super Smash Brothers action, where there will be a local tournament going on. Of course this is only at participating Bestbuy’s. There will also be a live streamed tournament from the Nokia Theater in Los Angles which will be invitational only to the top Smash Brother players.

MEGA64 did a funny announcement trailer for Nintendo:

News Source (Destructoid)


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