Double Fine Doing Another Amnesia Fortnight Humble Bundle

Double Fine Productions once a year, usually, does an amnesia fortnight where they take two weeks off from whatever game they’re currently working on to pitch prototypes to Tim Schafer the owner of the company. These games can be anything. In 2012 Double Fine opened Amnesia Fortnight to the public and let them decide which prototypes should be made through Humble Bundle. Now in 2014, Double Fine is back at it again doing another crazy Humble Bundle where you decide which prototypes will be made.

Of course during this time you can watch the live streams of the game production on Double Fine’s page. You’ll also get all of the prototypes to play once they’re completed as well as the ones from 2012.

There is a catch this time though, if you beat the average then you can vote on which game Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward leads.

And of course all of the money can go to a charity, Double Fine (to cover the expenses of doing amnesia fortnight), or Humble Bundle to keep their website running.

You can check out the pitched games on Humble Bundle. The voting only lasts for seven days, so hurry if you want to be a part of the action.


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