Paradox interactive is exploring norse mythology

Paradox Interactive creators of the popular strategy game Crusader Kings 2 and the Europa Unversalis series, both considered grand strategy games. However, they’re stepping away from that to make a game based on Norse mythology and even crazier it’s going to be a role playing game.

The game will feature three playable characters in an open world where you decide its fate. The idea being you can either bring about Ragnarok or not. To do so you’ll build up armies over six unique worlds based on Norse mythology. Combat for those that want to know will be turn based, must like the new X-Com or Final Fantasy Tactics.

This news comes from Paradox’s convention being held in Miami. There they also announced Hearts of Iron 4, a grand WWII strategy game where you build up a country during the war.

News Source (Destructoid)


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