R.B.I. Baseball Making a Comeback

Back in the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) era there was a little popular baseball game that happened to go by the name R.B.I. Baseball. It was popular enough to get released on several different systems at the time. The series went until 1995 after which it wasn’t heard from for a long time.

Namco Bandai has decided to change that bringing back the series, right as 2K games has decided once and for all to stop making baseball games. With 2K stepping out that means their exclusive rights to make baseball games as a third party has come to an end.

The game will be titled R.B.I. Baseball 14 and will be coming to current and next generation platforms as well as mobile devices, during the spring of 2014. That’s all that’s known about the game so far.

You can follow announcements about the game on their website RBIgame.com or on twitter @RBIgame.

Here’s a video of the original R.B.I. Baseball

Here’s video of the last game R.B.I. Baseball 95

News Source (Joystiq)

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  1. Slamdunk says:

    Man, I love the old sports games like this.

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