Bravely Default gets a 3DS sequel

Bravely Default: The Flying Fairy is a 3DS Japanese role playing game published by Square Enix. A game that won’t be released in North America until 2014. So, how is it getting a sequel? Bravely Default has actually been out in Japan since 2012, and is only just now been localized for other markets.

The new game will be called Bravely Second and is being developed by Silicon Studios, who worked on the first game, as well as 3D Dot Game Heroes. Of course the second game will follow in the firsts foot steps and be a role playing game with beautiful graphics. Not much is known about the sequel at this point in time, other then the name of one character Magnolia.

Here is the launch trailer for the first game which is launching on December 5th 2013 in the European Union.

News Source (Computer & Video Games)


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