Xbox One Does Away With DRM?

Microsoft has been ridiculed by gamers since their E3 Press Conference about how much DRM their new console the Xbox One would have. Today they have reversed that position and opened up their console a bit.

You will no longer be required to have the internet check in every 24 hours. The console will only do this once on day one, after that you’re free to play any disc based game minus the internet connection.

They will also be scrapping the idea that a game can only be sold to one other person plan. Gamers can now sell or lend your disc to anyone you want and that disc will not be locked to a console.

The downside is that you must have the disc in the tray to be able to play your games unless you’ve downloaded a digital copy. Not that big of a deal really for most people.

It took Microsoft a little while to realize that game players were not happy about the DRM on the Xbox One, but they managed to get it right.

News Source (Xbox)

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