Ubisoft 2013 E3 Press Conference Post

Aisha Tyler returns to host Ubisofts E3 press conference.

But kicking it off is Rocksmith the 2014 edition with Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains.

Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer comes up. There are a lot of quick cuts to different locations that Sam will be visiting.

The next trailer is Rayman Legends and it is coming out September 3rd 2013. The classic 2d platforming action.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is all about stealing from other while protecting your own hoard of goods. The free beta is ongoing.

Ubisoft brings out its recently purchased franchise SouthPark and the Stick of Truth. It’s about farts and looks to be coming this holiday.

We’re getting a brand new franchise from Ubisoft lots of cars racing through streets and getting chased by cops. The title is The Crew where you drive through a persistent world and can race across locations like Brooklyn. There is also no lobby in this game so it all happens on the fly. You can even build the car your drive the way you want to, all the way down to the rims.

Watch Dogs and its main character Aiden Pierce and his vigilanty justice, but how you do it will be up to the gamer.

One of the most popular games for Ubisoft; Just Dance 2014 will be happening because it wouldn’t be one of their conferences without it.

They move onto Rabbids the TV show which will be an interactive show.

Assassins Creed with pirates of course comes up because it is the next game coming out this fall. If you’re expecting the series to change, you’ll be seriously disappointed as it keeps with the murdering certain subjects.

Trials Fusion will be coming out for next generation consoles and Trials Frontier will be out for mobile devices. The will be complimentary games with content crossing over.

Ubisoft shows off a confusing clip about things falling apart. It segways into a trailer that shows off a lot of different third person action adventure game. Lots of objects getting shot up. Tom Clancey’s The Division is the the title of the game, it looks pretty crazy for a massive multiplayer game.

Some cool stuff with Watch Dogs and Tom Clancy The Division. It will be interesting to see how things turn out.

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