Microsoft 2013 E3 Press Conference Post

Welcome to the Xbone Zone, okay I’m pretty sure that is the last time I will ever say that joke. Microsoft has been hard at work to bring you the latest and greatest that technology can offer in their new console the Xbox One. Right that’s enough of the marketing pandering sounding discussion. It’s all about what games will be coming to the console.

Before the conference Rare announced that they will be making Kinect Sports Rivals for the Xbox One.

Konami gets to kick off the conference with a trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: It nicely shows off some of the different things that it will be capable of; like climbing into the back of a truck to sneak by unsuspecting enemies and deeper stealth action. Metal Gear still very much an action stealth game from the looks of things.

Don Matrick takes to the stage to talk about how 13 next generation titles; but first games coming to the Xbox 360. They are also redesigning the 360 to look more like the Xbox One. Xbox Live gold members until the launch of the next generation console will receive two free game downloads a month. Titles like Assassins Creed 2 and Halo 3.

World of Tanks will be making its way to the 360; with 15 on 15 gameplay and making it work well with the 360 controller. It will be free to play this summer.

Press Play will be bringing Max the Curse of the Horrible Brother, to the 360. They are also showing off Dark Souls 2.

Phil Spencer comes to the stage to say the rest of the show is about Xbox One. And then leaves the stage to let someone play a game about a shining city on seven hills; sounds like Rome. Oh it’s Ryse Tome of Rome; playing out very much like a movie trailer or like Call of Duty. It does look like borrows the visual looks of Call of Duty and God of War. It also appears to have a lot of quick time events which is probably where the GoW feel comes from.

Killer Instinct is finally coming to the Xbox after several years of Microsoft owning the rights to the game.

Insomniac Games is making Sunset Overdrive a stylistic open world shooter with an interesting cartoon look and parkour abilities.

Forza 5 will feature Mclaren race car the P1. The cloud will help your drive avatar, I will not write driveatar, which can race for you after it has learned your style of racing.

Phil Harrison steps up to talk about independent game development, like Minecraft which will be coming to the Xbox One. Because, we all need a bigger Minecraft games with more things to break and tools to make.

Sam Lake comes out to talk about Quantum Break and how the show and game will make the ultimate experience for the Xbox One.

D4 gets a quick trailer, enough to tease a weird interesting looking game. That is not cell shading by the way.

Project Spark is all about creativity, kind of like Little Big Planet, with voice commands and the ability to draw on your created world. You can even upgrade a rock to become a pet and later perhaps even a rock mech?

Next up is how Xbox Smartglass showing how it will record and can help you edit clips. And you can broadcast from which will be built into the Xbox One.

Crimson Dragon will be another exclusive Xbox One game. It looks like it is all about playing as a flying dragon fighting it out against other dragons.

Capcom steps up with Dead Rising 3, more zombies because we all love dealing with hordes of endless zombies with a wrench. There is a much more serious tone so far, with weapons that can be created anywhere. You also have access to artillery support with Smartglass. It will be exclusive to the Xbox One.

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will be a truly next generation role playing game.

Dice makers of Battlefield 4 come out to show uncut footage of the game. It looks and sounds like the previous games in the franchise, so don’t expect too much change other then environments. Battlefield 4: Second Assault map pack will come out first on the Xbox One.

An indie adventure rouglike game from the makers of Sword and the Sorcery EP titled; Below, gets a quick little teaser.

Black Tusk has an interesting teaser of an unannounced game.

A giant mech like creature pops up in the next trailer, because it is Halo, it will be coming in 2014.

Xbox One will launch this November in 21 markets; the U.S. price is $499

And Respawn gets the last game reveal, with a shooter that involves parkour, mechs and probably a lot of running around. It looks like and interesting mix between shooter and mechs.

It’s hard to recommend people to buy the Xbox One at $499 price point. But if any games from the show convince you otherwise, go for it.

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