EA Games 2013 Press Conference Post

EA Games is the second Conference of the day. And in EA fashion things are loud for Peter Moore. 11 Games for the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Planets vs. Zombies Garden Warfare starts things off, it’s coming for the Xbox One and 360 at a later date. This game will be a third person shooter in which you play a plant trying to kill zombies. This is also co-op action for four players, all very class oriented; like snipers, healers and so forth.

Popcap is also bringing more Peggle in Peggle 2 for those that love puzzle games.

Respawn is out to talk about Titanfall; you can see the influences of working on Call of Duty had on the team as the HUD looks similar. Parkour is also a big element for those that aren’t fighting in a titan, and this is all a multiplayer game.

Starwars Battlefront is happening from Dice; alas it is only a teaser.

EA quickly jumps to the next Need for Speed: Rivals. You can play this game alone, or with friends, or rivals. Because everyone wants their single player game turn into a multiplayer game. NFS will do just that when one person plays as a racer another person in single player playing as a cop chase each other down. Also their is a Need for Speed movie with the star from Breaking Bad Aaron Paul.

Dragon Age Inquisition will be a vast open world for Fall 2014. It will be using the forstbyte 3 engine and it will again be all about the choice you make.

Sports having been a staple of EA’s for a long time get a chance to shine; NBA Live 14 will finally mark the return of NBA games to EA.

Madden 25 the next generation of professional football. It looks pretty, but that should have been expected.

Next is FIFA the soccer game that everyone seems to love. With it’s Pro Instincts and controls for you to play with.

UFC is coming from EA, they bought the rights after THQ closed.

Battlefield 4 multiplayer is here to be shown off; and the fight taken into several sections of the city, to boats and back to land. They go all over the place to fight the battle, literally a battlefield.

Mirrors Edge 2 is happening when it’s ready. But a nice teaser.

A solid show if you’re a fan of shooters or sports. Fans of Mirrors Edge will certainly be happy that Faith is back.

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