Double Fine Productions new Game is Massive Chalice

Double Fine Productions is headed back to Kickstarter for their newest creation, Massive Chalice, a tactical strategy game for the PC.

The game will be drawing from the rougelike genre with much of it being randomized as you take on being a King or Queen in the quest to unite a kingdom.

Some of the core features: (stolen straight from kickstarter)

  • Your story emerges as you defend against attacks, complete quests, and respond to randomized events in your attempt to preserve the kingdom.
  • Line of sight and fog of war mechanics come into play as your squad explores beautiful dynamic 3D battlefields where danger may lurk behind any corner.
  • Distinct, customizable heroes learn new melee, ranged, and arcane abilities as they age and gain combat experience.
  • Arrange marriage alliances to ensure your heroic bloodlines can handle any future combat situation.
  • Battle alongside your ancestors by equipping your heroes with uniquely powerful Bloodline Relics.
  • Invest your resources in forging new weapons and armor—and gamble on polluting a bloodline by researching dangerous demonic artifacts.

This Kickstarter will be lead be Brad Muir from Double Fine, he’s the mad mind behind Iron Brigade. He also tried to get companies interested in his concept Brazen, but no one bought into it.

Awesome concept art for the game.

Massive Chalice Concept Art

You can put in as little as $1 into the campaign, but to get a copy of the game you’ll have to drop $20 and there are plenty of other levels as well. $50 will get you early access to the game if it’s successful.

Massive Chalice kickstarter goal is $725,000 and will feature 2 Player Productions doing video updates on the production of the game.

Check out Double Fine’s latest Kickstarter.

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