Steam Trading Cards

Valve, the creator of the online platform Steam, has decided to make virtual cards. Now you’re asking what good is making virtual cards? Well if you’re Valve it’s a new way to get the community involved and all they have to do is play games.

Here’s the deal, you can get involved in Steam’s Trading Card beta, in which you can play games and for doing so you can get virtual cards. You then in turn use the cards to badges. What good are badges? The new badges for Steam will reside on your profile page. They can earn you profile backgrounds for your profile page, emoticons for chat (who really wants those?), or coupons that will offer a discount on a game.

All of this will also be attached to Steam’s new leveling system. The more badges you earn the more XP you’ll get that brings non-tradable items like extra friends slots, for those that really need those extra friends.

Also the profile pages on Steam are getting a nice new refreshing look.

You can check out and apply for the beta over on Steam.

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