EA Sports NHL 14 Trailer

EA Sports has released the first trailer of the latest version of their NHL game, it will be keeping with the simple naming moniker and be called; NHL 14 it is due out on September 10 2013.

Some of the new features:

  • A new collision system that takes from EA Sports FIFA and refines it for hockey.   
  • New fight engine, combining EA’s Fight Night technology. Fights will be in the third person with physics based punching system.
  • One touch dekes, EA is once again updating the dekes, this time with the press of a button and a flick of the left stick, your player will be able to deke.
  • EA has kept in the True Performance skating engine, they’ve worked hard to improve it and provide even more realism.
  • Live the Life, which will be the new incarnation of Be a Pro Mode, letting you live the life of an NHLer.
  • And finally more Online seasons.


 I’m sure a lot of fans are curious about the new Live the Life mode, it sounds interesting, but without more information its hard to get excited.

It is currently planned for the Xbox 360 and PS3, no word on any other console, but I’d expect it to released on the new consoles if EA has enough time to bring the game over.

You can check out everything EA has to say about the game on the EA Sports website.


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