Playstation 4 Announcement

Sony has unveiled their much hyped Playsation 4 the next generation home console from them.


Kicking off the event Sony shows off a trailer about creativity and imagination and how they help you win games.

Andrew House takes to the stage of the event to talk about the Playstation franchise. And how gamers are the focus the experience. Officially announcing the Playstation 4 will be coming.

Mark Cerny the lead architect of the PS4 takes to the stage to talk about what developers wanted out of a new console.

He’s also talking about the console specs: Supercharged PC Architecture, X86 CPU, Enhanced PC GPU, 8GB unified Memory and a local storage hard drive.

And onto the Dualshock 4, talking about how they’ve improved the controller adding a headphone jack and the touchpad on it. Showing off the Unreal 4 engine and how you look around with the pad.

Mark also it working on a game, and adventure game titled, Knack. Looks like it could be an interesting game.

Sony has proudly redesigned its interface for the PS4 because they want the sharing of video of gameplay to be as easy as the sharing of screenshots.

David Perry comes on to talk about cloud gaming Gaikai and what it will mean for the PS4. They will have the fastest gaming network in the world. Instant experience for just about every game that comes to the Playstation store. They want a unified social aspect with the core of a gaming experience.

Remote play, such as playing your PS4 games on the PSVita will be a big thing.

Killzone Shadowfall is the next game shown, and it’s colorful looking. If you loved any of the previous games, it doesn’t look like much has changed other then it’s even prettier looking.

Some nice looking cars are being shown in the next video, the game called Driveclub and is all about teamwork racing. It isn’t actually about races but challenges that you take on with your club. They’ve gone over the top to make the game look absolutely gorgeous.

Sucker Punch latest game an exclusive PS4 title is about governments when they have too much control and people suddenly get superpowers. It’s called Infamous: Second Son.

Indie developer, Jonathan Blow, brings out The Witness. It’s an open world game, but it will be a compact world. With 25 hours of gameplay. A colorful looking puzzle game.

David Cage comes out to talk about emotion that he wants gamers to feel from playing a game. Showing off the quality that Quantic Dream’s new engine is capable of.

Media Molecule jumps up to talk about their creativity process. And how they want you to be able to record your dreams. How they want to use the Move controller to model things.

Andrew House returns to say that third party developers will of course be making games for the next Playstation.

Yoshinori Ono from Capcom talks about the changes that their games have gone through with the evolution of the Playstation. The new Capcom engine for it’s games is code named Panta Rhei which will help them take advantage of the PS4. A new game running on the engine called Deep Down, looks like Dragon’s Dogma and Dark Souls combination.

Square Enix shows off a target render demo that they showed at last years E3.  Before leaving the stage they have one announcement that they will have an exciting announcement at E3 this year.

Ubisoft is next up with Watch Dogs which will be based on Chicago. A very bright and vibrant looking demo, much different from the dark and rainy looking Watch Dogs of last year. It looks good, one of those games to keep an eye on. It will be coming to the PS4.

Blizzard gets up to talk about Diablo 3 for the PS3 and PS4. Everything of course will be customized to work well for controllers and four player co-op.

Activision will continue to support Playstation of course. They’re working hard to get games our for the launch window.

Bungie’s Destiny will be coming to the PS4.

Interesting conference, I’m sure Playstation fans will be quite happy with the new console. I don’t know about how many new customers will be attracted to the brand. But the new generation of consoles will be on us finally by the end of the year.



Killzone: ShadowFall


Infamous: Second Son

The Witness

Quantic Dream

Media Molecule

Deep Down

Watch Dogs


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