Crytek Coming To The U.S.A.

Crytek is coming the the U.S.A. In interesting fashion no less. They will be operating out of Austin, Texas and will be lead by David Adams. He was the co-owner and general manager of Vigil Games (Darksiders).

Adams will be leading a 35 person team, of experienced developers. Rumors are that those people will be from Vigil Games.

Crytek has not confirmed or denied that they have essentially bought Vigil from the THQ sale. This move also allows the developer community in Austin, Texas to continue to thrive. Recent struggles from: Zynga Austin, Bioware Austin and Lightbox (Starhawk developer) had threatened to break apart the budding community.

This is potentially great news for the Darksiders developer, who have won great praise for their work on the series. If true, things could certainly be looking up for them. Plus they could now get to work with the CryEngine.

This will the 9th studio that Crytek owns worldwide. They have locations in: Bulgaria, Hungary, Istanbul, Nottingham, Seoul, Shanghai and the Ukraine.

News Source (Gamasutra)

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