Nintendo Wii U Release Date Announced

Nintendo of America held an event to finally announce the price and release date of their upcoming console the Wii U.

Nintendo will be releasing the console on November 18th 2012 in the U.S. Japan will see its release on December 8th. Europe gets a November 30th release date.

The Wii U will come in two configurations a simple White console that has 8gb of memory storage that will sell for 299.99. There will also be a deluxe version a black console that will have 32gb of memory storage that will retail for 349.99. This version will include a copy of Nintendo Land, a dock for the console and a dock for the game pad. Plus a few other goodies.

Nintendo also introduces Nintendo TVii, a way to watch TV with the Wii U console. An aggregate source for all your tv needs. They will not be charging for the service, but you’ll still have to pay for Netflix or Hulu Plus if you want to use those sources to watch videos.

Bayonetta 2 will be a Wii U exclusive from Platinum Games. A Quick teaser trailer showing practically nothing other then some bullets flying every which way. They also show off the new name for Project P-100 which will be The Wonderful 101.

Nintendo’s launch window is from November to March where they plan to have 50 games from first and third party companies released for the console.


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