Gamers Get Their Say With Steam Greenlight

Steam has a process for which games they put onto the service, sometimes for whatever reason certain games don’t make it on. However that is all about to change as gamers now get to help decide with Steam Greenlight. The idea behind it allows gamers to rally behind games that they would like to see put on Steam.

The service will allow developers to put up early builds of games, concepts and generally raise awareness to the existence of their game. Gamers will then pledge support to the product, if enough people pledge support Steam checks it out.

Gamers won’t have the ultimate say in what games goes up. Valve will still control the approval process, as to which games will make it up their.

Steam Greenlight won’t be live until the end of August but it will be a great way to get the gaming community involved in getting games onto the popular download client.

News Source (Gamasutra)


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