The Walking Dead Gets Another Game

Activision working in conjuncture with developer Terminal Reality will be making a game based around the Walking Dead Franchise this time it will be a first person shooter.

The game will be centered more around the TV show as you take the role of Daryl Dixon who is making his way to Atlanta with his brother Merle. You’ll have the choice of stealth or fighting it out, but supplies are going to be scarce so choose wisely.

The Walking Dead from Activision is due out in 2013 on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

News Source (Joystiq)

For those of you afraid that this means the end of the Telltale Games version of the Walking Dead, fear not.  Telltale has said that, they plan to make another five episode season. As well as, bringing the first season to retail for those who don’t like digital distribution.

News Source (The Verge)


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