Epic’s new IP to be shown of at VGA

The Video Game Awards (VGA) has quite a few reveals planned for Saturday night, December 10th 2011. Epic games the makers of Bulletstorm and that some what popular game Gears of War, plan to unveil their new intellectual property (IP) there.

It is so different that it has them nervous that their own fans will cause a massive backlash against it.

Epic’s Mike Capps had this to say,

“So this is going to be one of those projects where we try something totally different, and it just went ‘boom,’ because everyone had this pent up energy to do something new.”

Whatever it is. It might make tuning into the VGA’s worth it. That or just wait until the video is put up on the internet. Which shouldn’t be too long after they show it at the VGA’s.

News Source (Joystiq)


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