Can We Please Stop Writing About Michael Pachter

If you hang around the video game industry or just read video game news long enough you’ll probably come across the name Michael Pachter an analyst for Wedbush Securities.  You also know that he tends to make predictions on video games sales, consoles or whatever else he feels like commenting on at the time.

Now I made the promise to myself to never talk about Pachter, there is no need to talk about him when it comes to video game news. I am breaking my rule, hopefully just this one time, to comment not on Pachter himself, but on video game news sites that decide what he says is worth publishing. He makes predictions for investors, often times they are off, but whatever that’s their money to burn. I understand why video game websites will put his latest headline on their sites, hey who doesn’t want to get hits on their website for an article that takes maybe a minute or two to put together. But it has no relevance to anyone other than investors, who probably are not visiting your website.

All this really does is make the video game industry look really childish with it’s petty bickering over the comment of someone who A. isn’t in the industry, B. is saying these things to get attention, and C. is trying to give advice to investors.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to bother hearing about his prediction that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will sell double what Battlefield 3 is going to sell. Why would I care about something like that, if both games are great and sell well awesome. But if you’re putting that up one your website and passing it off as news, please just stop writing, you’re doing no one any favors by publishing crap.


One thought on “Can We Please Stop Writing About Michael Pachter

  1. Really good write. I sometimes think these guys have nothing better to do than spread negative projections on everything. I don’t understand it at all to be honest. You’re right about the sales projections. I’ve read 8 million copies of BF3 will be sold. So if MW sells 16, how does that make BF3 a dismal failure? It doesn’t. Only in a shallow projectionist’s eyes. When you focus too much on metrics, everything is bad.

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